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Be Water

Water brings nourishment to all life. 

Water flows freely and moves willingly 
with the changing world around it, 
humbly finding its own way 
to settle at the lowest point. 

Water will bond with everything it meets.

Under extreme pressure or heat water quietly rises 
up to the heavens to drift by above everything, 
falling back to earth when it is ready.

In the unbearable cold, water stands firm 
waiting for warmth to return.

When there seems like there is nowhere for water to go, 
when there are massive blockages 
and immovable barriers wherever it turns, 
water waits patiently - gathering, building, 
swelling - until it bursts out or floods over;
or it seeps secretly below,

tripping lightly through the underworld 

before it springs up again elsewhere 
fresh, bright and clear. 
And when it finds itself unleashed - 
rolling wind whipped crashing 
dancing wild tumbling beautiful -  
water can wear down anything. 

It is the weirdest liquid in the world.
It breaks all the rules. 

Consistent & variable, simple &
unfathomable, gentle & powerful,
clear & dark, vital & deadly.

Neutral, balanced, pure - and corrosive.

Never reducing or increasing,
only changing state.
Water will fit in anywhere
but will never be constrained. 

Be water.

Influences: Tao Te Ching | Weird Water

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