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Choose to be Natural

I like to rememeber that the adaptability apparent in evolution isn’t a conscious thing.

It just happens.

The finches didn’t wake up one morning and group-think “Oh gosh, those food bits taste nice but they’re sooo hard to get at; we need to develop, design and create a new kind of beak shape.”

And there wasn’t one visionary finch who broke all the rules and bravely risked modifying their own beak to prove their idea, before all the other finches understood.

It’s just that the finches who happened to have the right beak shape survived, and the ones who didn’t have the right beak shape either moved on or didn’t survive.

And when I remember that, I like to realise how it represents quite a different perspective on evolution, progress and change from the driven and active forms we face every day.

Which helps me understand that natural, healthy evolution, progress or change is never a conscious thing with intent and goals.

Natural development, like the adaptability of evolution, just happens as it happens. It makes the best of every moment, every time, so that every moment is the best it can be. And that’s it. Nothing more.

Opportunism not competition. No expectation for you to develop, grow, or change to survive. Just the freedom for you to find where you fit best and the chance to humbly accept where you don’t fit.

Which helps me know that natural things absolutely never ever ever force themselves to fit where they don’t naturally and easily fit.

And so I choose to be natural.

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