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Collapse of Civilisation

I see posts and articles about the collapse of the “civilisation” all the time. Perhaps that says more about the cookies on my devices than it does about anything else! But, it does make me think!!

The truth is, I believe, that the potential collapse of civilisation is not an issue. Honestly, don’t worry even a little bit about this. Humans are survivors. We can do and achieve anything.

And, anyway a “civilisation” is not the world, and it’s not even your life or my life.

“Civilisation” – this one – is just a set of totally out of date rules that were created by biased and arrogant people (who wanted to enslave the globe for profit) a few hundred years ago.

Civilisations have collapsed before. This one will collapse. Lives will go on. They always have.

When it does, we will have true freedom for a while. (Hope this happens while I can still enjoy it!) Then some people who are confused by the freedom will start to make new rules (they’ll start slow, one by one; “don’t fucking even think about looking at my last Rolo”, for instance, if things start to get really desperate) and when there are enough new rules someone will write them all down and call that a new “civilisation”.

And for two hundred years or so the future usses will live with those new rules too, until they learn enough to realise those rules have become irrelevant too. But, by then, the majority of the future usses will be very comfortable with those new (by then, old) rules. And they’ll be scared of any change too.

But the change will come to them, and them, and them, and them, forever (as it is coming to us, now); until we realise that it is only the rules that always fall and fail eventually. It is only “civilisations” that collapse. Not life. Not people. Not nature…she’s not going anywhere.

This cycle will go on until enough people realise that freedom from rules is the only consistent and sustainable way of being.

Could happen next. This could be the last “civilisation”. If we wanted it to be. But we don’t. Too many of us like rules. Not enough of us really, truly want complete freedom. Not yet, anyway.

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