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Freedom of Choice

If we openly and consistently showed everyone that all the other ways of life are as available (as easy or as hard) to achieve as the mainstream path, and made all the paths clear and obvious to follow towards all potential ways of being, and helped people get to the ways of being we didn’t agree with or even understand, but still helped them get there because they wanted to…how many of us would stay in this system we are in now?

Would you?

If you were given an easy to make choice to have another way of life/follow another path (with awareness that all the ways/paths required as much work as any other to start up and maintain…there’s no easy life, just different ones), would you work on yourself to stay inside this system?

Or would you go try something else?

At the moment, many people find that other ways of life are not as accessible or obvious or visible to them, and they instead choose to accept the idea of internal self work in order to accept their existence within the mainstream society. But this approach has its risks, too.

The choices we seem to have are: join in or if you don’t enjoy joining in work on yourself so that you don’t mind joining in, or by all means go do any of these other things that are hard to discover and which we won’t support you in doing.

But could we make all the other options more obvious and accessible do you think? And could all the other options be as supported as the mainstream and the ‘work on yourself to fit in’ options are?

If a friend of yours gave you the options of joining in with how they lived, or (if you didn’t like the way they lived – it made you feel deeply uncomfortable for instance) you could work on yourself so you accepted being constrained and upset by the way your friend lived, or you could disappear and do your own thing (that you love) but without your mate’s presence or support…how would you feel about your available choices? And would that be a friend you’d keep?

Wouldn’t it be better if we just helped each other achieve whatever each other wants?

Of course it would. Because, Love is simple.

Love loves what love finds as it is when love finds it. Love does not desire or ask for change. Love just loves. And if change happens, Love loves whatever new arises too. Because Love loves and asks for nothing.

Love is simple. But is how we live this simple too? Is how we live based on Love?

A global group of creatives and performers explored this whole idea in much greater detail and much more creatively too, in the world’s first Facebook play – The NoW.

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