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It’s Ok

You have permission to rest.
You do not need to change.
You are perfect as you are.
There is nothing else you need.

You have permission to take it easy
or do lots and lots and lots and lots.
To thrive in comfort and relaxation,
or in wild dance and song.

You have permission to know
disorder and inconsistency
are the free expressions
of natural beauty, and love it all

just as it is.

You do not need to grow
beyond your comfort zone,
and you do not need to heal.
You are wonderful as you are.

You have permission to thrive out loud
or to disappear.
You have permission to receive love,
simply because you're here.

There is nothing more you need.
You have permission just to be.
To be completely free.
Right here, in The NoW, with me.

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