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It’s Times Like This I Wish I Could See The Glint In Your Eyes

Last month you told me you were going
to get back in touch with him;
the one you wept for while
I didn’t say a thing.
You said it would make you properly happy
to make him want you, just
so you could turn him down
with one flourish of your sharp tongue.
I thought you were wrong
and it was a waste of your time,
so I told you as much.
I don’t think you liked that, but
I can tell you this for sure;
I’d love it if she came back to me.
I really want the opportunity to tell her
I would never do anything again
that could make her want to stay.
That she absolutely, definitely
never really meant anything to me.
Then I’d smile and walk away.
So tell me, have you done it yet?
How did it go? What did you say?
Did it feel good? I really hope so!
And did he care as much as you hoped he would?

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