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Maybe you can help all around you remain mindful,
while keeping yourself mindful also;
Maybe you can trust all beings and yourself,
and help all beings build trust together too; 

Maybe you have patience and integrity,
and lead with love, compassion and honesty;
Maybe your soft self-confidence
sets an example for all to follow;

Maybe you have vision imagination ideas creativity; 
Maybe you are incisive, objective and rational;
Maybe you thrive in both fact and fantasy,
and you know we can’t lose if we aren’t trying to win;

Maybe you can learn The Truth from all perspectives
and still remember that it is never absolute,
or smelt your bias and pride in the furnace of hell 
to forge your tools for a humble life;

Maybe you passionately defend what you love 
but would happily discard or lose it all 
to save one being or the whole world,
and you would persuade others to do the same;

Maybe you have such good mental and physical health
that you are secure, resilient and content, 
you are able to continue when you need to,
and you can guide others when they need you to;

Maybe you commune with all beings on their level,
while staying true to your identity;
Maybe self-awareness balances your responses;
Maybe all beings are equal in your thoughts and deeds.

And maybe, like me, 
you sometimes do some of this
(and sometimes 
you try to do more) —

but if you can calmly exist in just this moment
and know for sure you’re doing your best,
you’re an asset to everything in this world my friend
and don’t you ever think you’re anything less.

I have always thought that If, by Rudyard Kipling is stiff-upper-lippingly unforgiving, so I thought I’d give it a re-write.

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