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People Pleasing – It Ain’t So Bad, You Know

I know, I know, people pleasing is a bad idea.

We hear it a lot don’t we.

You have to look after yourself so you’re able to look after others. That is just one example of how it’s framed. And it’s right.


You sure?

Course it’s right. In this system. In this form of society. Where we are in competition with each other to get to the top of the hierarchy. Of course we must look out for ourselves first.

So yeah, course it’s right.


Play a game with me. Have a little thought experiment. Imagine a world where everyone is a people pleaser.


Imagine it. Have a sip of tea. Take a breath. And imagine it for real.

A world where everyone…. everyone single one of us (or even just the significant majority of us, if I’m honest)….Imagine that world…where the big most of us are people pleasers.

What then?

What would it be like?

I’ll tell you what….

We’d all be pleased.

Don’t stop giving. Set the example. Give give give. And maybe, just maybe, we can create a world where we are all pleased.