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Hey Loner

I wanna be that thing you do 
when you’ve nothing else to do. 
The long walks you take around town. 

The favourite book you slowly read 
while sitting in the café.
The endless worlds you imagine.

I wanna be where you go 
when you’re lost or alone 
amidst your twists and turns. 

The hills you climb. The woods you roam. 
The parks where you laze. 
The waters you swim.

I wanna be those sacred moments
in between the vision and ambition. 
The baths you take. 

The soothing drinks you sip.
The yummy treats you nibble. 
The secret prayers you make.

I wanna be the simple nourishment 
that eventually becomes 
your quiet passion.

The memories you keep in your heart.
The charity work you always mean to start.
Your art. 

I wanna be the place you come to rest,
where you realise 
you’ve always felt the best.

The stones you throw at other stones 
when sitting on the beach. 
The animals you love unconditionally.

I wanna be the one with whom you share 
the glorious nothing we are left with
when we understand that everything is bare.

Listen to it as a song….