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The Old Romantic

The night we met you swept me off my feet,
made me feel so wanted and special.
Why aren’t you romantic anymore?
Some fucking standard bar. Bright lights,
shit music. Jeans and shirts, and heels
and mini-skirts. Cheap
bourbon on crushed ice in warm glasses.
He walks up to her (next). She’s amazing,
there’s no one in the whole place like her.
Her eyes enticed him. He goes to the gym.
She loves her family, he his dog (if he had one).
He touches her arm, looks at her tits a lot.
They dance. They order shots...a lot.
For hours they do their thing lip smacking
hips thrusting writhing. He jokes about
pornography. He gets her coat. He knows
the taxi driver so there’s no charge and anything goes.
There’s no time for chat inside her house.

Don’t you remember? We were young
back then. Everything seemed amazing.
Oh, and you were easy too. Weren’t you!

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