The NoW

“…the most subversive thing on social media…”*

Reframe Life.

Immerse yourself in the world’s first Facebook play. A ground-breaking*, multi-media sci-fi/fantasy/comedy that re-imagines theatre for the digital age.

When every person on Earth is given easy access to a vast, loving and free Network of Worlds, our governments’ attempts to maintain control quickly become frustrated and confused before they realise the truth.

Meanwhile, a group of beautiful birds in an ornate aviary discover a hole to the huge forest outside and a communicative cat joins a single parent family, alongside other stories improvised live.

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What people are saying about this…

“Mate, this is pretty ambitious.”

“The attention to detail is amazing.”

“Where did you even get the idea, though?”

“I don’t get it.”

“I reckon people will really engage with all the different layers.”

“You’ll never pull it off.”

“You realise that you might get assassinated?!”

“I am loving my daily dose of The NoW!”

*at the time of performance – August to September 2022