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To Tell You the Truth

As a beginner, First came first. 
A ripe planet plucked 
from the Milky Way’s belly. 
Then it came to me 
as a gasping moon. 
Weakened by its dark journey 
into my Six Parameters.
Next as inescapable security. 
Dragging my tides.
Hung in my beautiful Sky 
as maturation. Finally, 
then, it arrived as The Third Law. 
Insecure – unstable – lust.
A super-massive solar flare 
in my solar plexus.
But each in their own way 
blew up when I existed
without their quiet galaxies; 
leaving empty space 
waiting to be over-filled 
with ripeness, need, 
stability, stormy glory 
and every wonderful explosion!

To tell you the truth,

First can only be first 
when it is also the last.

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