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We Are Not Equal

All of the fights for equal rights and equal treatment will succeed.

And when they do, when the people fighting for their rights finally all and each feel that they have achieved an equal system of society, we will be free to remember that gender, or race, or beliefs, or sexual preferences, etc., never really separated us (except in the awful, manufactured, power-hungry way society was designed to handle those details about ourselves and divide us, of course).

We will remember that, in fact, each of these attributes, and all our others, are amazingly intricately layered and inter-connected threads that weave together our individual senses of self; from where we derive our personal needs and thence our own feelings of satisfaction, fair treatment and respect – or not.

Hopefully, we will also remember that all the rest of our nuances – our backgrounds, our experiences, our beliefs, our skills, our thought processes, our fears, our knowledge, our likes and dislikes, our assumptions, how our farts smell, our opinions, etc. – are more specific to any singular person than their given or chosen race, gender, sexuality, etc; just as relevant when considering their needs, actions and behaviours; and far more interesting when getting to know them too!

All of the fights for equal rights and equal treatment will succeed.

And when they do (when we all and each finally believe, know and feel that we all and each do have and, in practice receive, equal rights and treatment and outcomes) we will all then be free to remember how beautiful it is that, in truth, we are not equal at all.

We are all completely different, amazingly varied, members of beautiful humanity and it is not multiple separate fights for equal gender rights, equal racial rights, equal sexual rights, etc. It is all of this and much, much more. It is a fight we should all be intentionally involved in. It is a fight for all of us to regain the freedom and confidence to value and enjoy the wonder of all our differences.

But how do we achieve this world where we are free to be exactly who we want to be, and free to enjoy each other for all our differences?

We must not accept any single one of us, or any group of us, being disadvantaged, oppressed, or exploited because of any kind of difference, or being unable to (feel they can) be who they are for any reason. We must all always stand against any kind of exploitation or oppression in general terms, whilst also actively standing up for each specific example of exploitation and oppression that arises. And we must accept and believe all the exploitations and oppressions that are felt by our fellow humans – even if we find we cannot understand them.

This may well need to be done through careful, conscious and continuous consideration if it is not part of our second nature – until altruistic inclusivity becomes cultural.

Only standing against, or believing in, one or a few forms of exploitation or oppression but allowing the others to continue (through your inaction, your active disbelief, or your passive/arm’s-length involvement) is as bad as doing nothing.

Know deep in you that it is wrong for anyone or any group of people to feel exploited or oppressed. Speak out and stand against all acts and experiences of exploitation and oppression in general. Defend anyone who feels they are being exploited or oppressed. Stand up for and with any group, culture, collective, collection or selection of people who feel they are being exploited or oppressed. Don’t exploit. Don’t oppress. Leave none unloved.

To really succeed, all of the fights for equal rights and equal treatment will need to eventually come together as one and realise that, in truth:

  • We are all different from one another on a singular level and on a group level.
  • We all fit into many of the overlapping groups that feel and experience exploitation and oppression.
  • Allowing and celebrating all our differences is interesting, fun, nice, easy and beneficial for everyone – raising us all up.

We need to work together to remove the effects of and opportunities for acts and feelings of exploitation and oppression from every part of our society.

3 thoughts on “We Are Not Equal

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  2. I agree. We need to celebrate the differences. There are things that men do better than women, and women better than men.

    There are many things that the minority of women can do better than the majority of men and vice versa. Men are generally stronger than women, but not all men are stronger than all women.

    We do need gender equality when it comes to freedoms of speech and behaviour. In the west we have this. That doesn’t mean there will not be negative consequences if we do try and behave in the stereotypically opposite way to our gender.

    We need to protect the vulnerable, whether they are the elderly, children, men, women, or dare I add animals. We need to live to our full potential as individuals, in our truth with integrity. Taking responsibility for our own actions.

    1. Yes I agree with you too. It is going to take a significant amount of empathy and tolerance to get us all there.

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