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Will You Lead The Way?

Imagine our society is a person who you have a relationship with. And then consider how that person treats you.

Is it with the love you’d desire from a fellow human? I don’t think so. To me, the way the whole world works is akin to an abusive partner.


If I were your partner and I treated you like that, I’d clearly be abusing you.

Those behaviours, which we think are normal, are in fact the control mechanisms of our society, keeping us locked in to a world that exploits us to keep progress and profit growing.

Happy stability is not the goal of our world. Endless growth and permanent competition (keeping us in a constant state of stress) are what we are all working together to achieve. It’s not where I want to go. Is it where you want to go?

(As an aside here, it is no wonder that so many people emotionally manipulate others. We are all placed in a subtle form of competition with each other in order to maintain our society, and some of us will quite literally do anything to win. So, when someone does emotionally manipulate another, they are simply trying to win (the very core of how our society works – all competitions have winners and losers) and they’re unconsciously practicing the behaviours modelled for them by the control mechanisms of our society. How could they treat a human any different than they’ve been treated by the world? The films Taxi Driver and Joker make this point much more effectively than me. It is also no surprise that people misinterpret honesty as rudeness, because society is never honest with them so it comes as a huge shock when someone actually is.)

But don’t worry, because change is coming.

Unfortunately, it will arrive dressed by our media outlets as the Collapse of Civilisation. And that might scare you enough to cling on to what we have now; to block, rather than support, the change.

Don’t let it. Do everything you can to bring about the change.

We don’t need this form of society anymore. It doesn’t have our best interests at heart. We need to bravely walk away from our abusers and seek something very different where we will all thrive together within a world that we are also helping to flourish.

Will you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you set the example?

Will you break the cycle of abuse?

Will you lead the way?

2 thoughts on “Will You Lead The Way?

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